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Transferring contacts from droid to iPhone 4S

Everytime when a new mobile released, it would encourage people buying impulses. Yes, everyone want to have a new one especially the old mobile become slowly. Because the latest mobile phone, especially smartphone can give you HD movie, hot music, games, ringtones and other in a number of ways. What's the hotest smartphone at present? There is no wonder that it is iPhone 4S. Apple’s iPhone has dominated the smart-phone market the past 4 of years, So, the Motorola Droid user, would you like to have one and transfer your Droid phone to iPhone 4S?

Don't forget the contacts
If you are going to abandon the Droid and get a new iPhone 4S. Do not forget the Contacts on Droid. The years of contacts on Droid would be great value for you. So, you'd better import them to new iPhone 4S.

How to export Droid phone
If your contacts are stored on SIM card, you need go to your mobile operator and ask them for help. If you just save the contacts on Droid phone itself. It is very easy to export all contacts from Droid phone to computer as .csv file , you can get free app to get the contacts out of Droid phone. You can also export the Droid phone contacts to Outlook and save it temporary.

How to import csv contacts to iPhone 4S?

If you have saved the contacts from Droid as .csv. Here is the method to transfer it to iPhone 4S. We know that .csv file contain the phone nubmer, email address. And it can be read by iPhone 4S. Here is the iPhone 4S contacts transfer program for you to import the csv file to it.

Get the iPhone 4S contacts transfer application installed to computer. If you are Mac user, here is the iPhone 4S contacts transfer for Mac.

4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer

4Media iPhone contacts Transfer is designed for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad user to backup contacts and transfer contacts between iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and computer. That's to say, you can not only export contacts from Apple iOs devices, but also can import contacts with file extenstion .csv or .vcf to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad easily.See more

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Once you have installed the csv to iPhone 4S transferring app. Here is the step you can follow.

  • Start the program on computer
    If it run successfully, you can see this interface.
    iPhone contacts transfer

  • Now, import csv contacts to iPhone 4S device.
    1. In the left directory tree, choose the target "Contacts" that you want to import contacts into.
    2. Click "Import Contacts to Device" button at the bottom of the interface, and choose the source contacts file in the dialog box that appears, then start importing.
    import csv contacts to iPhone 4S device
    Transfer CSV file to iPhone 4S.

  • Summary
    Usually, you need step to transfer contacts from Droid phone to iPhone 4S. First, export contacts from Droid to computer and save as .csv or .vcf file. Next, import the .csv or .vcf file to iPhone 4S by using 4Media iPhone contact transfer program.

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