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iPad 3 contacts backup

"I've added all of my address book from Outlook by synchronization and all contacts are now on my iPad 3. So I can send email to my friends by using the email address on the contacts list. Next week, I am going to clear the iPad 3 and refresh it with something new. Does anyone know of a way to export all my contacts from my iPad 3 straight into my iPhone or computer without having to re-type all of them in iPhone or computer? "

There are several possible way to backup iPad 3 contacts to iPhone or computer if you want to do like that. First, I think most of the user would like to use iTunes. iTunes is current the top-rated Apple product to manage iPad, iPhone or iPod. You can backup iPad 3 content to computer via iTunes and then you can restore all the backup file to iPhone. However, by this way, you not only transfer the contacts to iPhone but also add other stuff to iPhone, maybe, you just only want to move the contacts for iPhone. So, iTunes is a good method but not the perfect one.

Have a try of iPad 3 to computer backup software

4media iPhone contacts transfer
Though named iPhone contacts transfer, if you wanna transfer iPad contacts information from one pad to another or save the contacts on iPad to computer? Now, you can try 4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer. It can also support iPad. This is a convenient iPad contacts management tool to help you backup iPhone or iPadcontacts, import/export, restore and manage contacts information in your iPhone/iPad to wipe out all your worries and fill your needs on important contacts information security.

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4Media iPhone contacts Transfer
4Media iPhone contacts Transfer

Connect the iPad 3 to computer and export all contacts on ipad 3 to computer. Backup contacts to iPad 3

Anytime if you want to restore the backup file to iPad 3, you can just link the iPad 3 to PC. You can get the backup contacts to iPad 3. That's so easy.
Restore contacts to iPad 3

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