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Importing CSV contacts to HTC phone

We know that CSV file are common to see and you can open this file with Microsoft Outlook. Most of the email system allows users to export the contacts as .csv file. The CSV file type is primarily associated with 'Comma-Separated Variables' and it is easy for user to transfer csv file between PAD and computer or smart phone and computer. So, in this article. We mainly talk about importing CSV to HTC phone on computer.

Save contacts as csv file

We know that csv file can store lots of of information from online mail address book. We take Google Gmail address book as example, users can save the contacts from Google Gmail contacts by going to 'Contacts' -> 'Export' -> 'Save as CSV'. And you can select the location where the csv file are stored. or your contacts are stored on other cell phone SIM card, you can export the contacs out of the SIM card and save them as .csv file.

Import CSV file to HTC phone

Connect the HTC phone to computer

if you want to do something with your HTC phone, you need link the HTC phone to computer and start the HTC phone as USB model. So you can import file to it. If your contacts are stored on computer. You need import the csv file to Outlook first. Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook Express are both okay.

In Outlook

  • Open Outlook and click on your contacts
  • Go to File > Import and Export > Select Export to a file - Next
  • Select Comma Separated Values (Windows) - Next
  • Select Contacts - Next
  • Save the file in a known location - Next
  • Click on 'Map Custom Fields' and make sure Default Maps are set
  • Click Finish


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