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How to sync contacts from iPhone to iPad

The Apple new tablet iPad is so popular today. When getting a new iPad as gift or buying a new one for business, you may need add the contacts to the new iPad so that you can quickly find the person's address, phone number, email on iPad. You don't want to tap the contact one-by-one into iPad, right? So, what's the best way to sync the entire contacts from iPhone to iPad fast?

sync contacts from iPhone to iPad

Well, if you just got an iPad and want to transfer contacts from iPhone to it. iTunes doesn't allow you to move or copy the contacts to iPad from iPhone directly. Maybe, you need export the contacts to computer as a file, which file should be accepted by both iPhone and iPad and includes the contacts information. And then you can restore the backup contacts to iPad from computer.

Yes, that's the way - Using Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS Backup

First; Export the contacts from iPhone to computer and save as vcf file.

Secondly; Restore the vcf file to iPad from computer

Why Cucusoft iPhone Contacts + SMS Backup
Transfer contacts from iPod and iPhone to computer as .vcf file or to Outlook directly
Transfer iPod, iPhone, iPad SMS to computer
Restore the backup contacts or SMS to iPhone/iPod touch / iPad when necessary

1, transfer contacts from iPhone computer as vcf file

To export the contacts from iPhone to computer, First, please download Cucusoft iPhone Contacts Backup + SMS free trail, install and run it. If you want to restore the backup contacts to iPhone, you need jailbreak you iPhone first.

Step 1: Get started

Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS backup is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Please hook up your iPhone to computer, if connection succeeds, the iPhonec contacts backup software will show your iPhone information automatically. And your iPhone contacts and SMS info will be showed on the Window of the software.

backup iPhone contacts

Tip: Though you needn't launch the iTunes software, you need to have an iTunes (iTunes 7.5 or higher version) installed before getting started using this iPhone contacts backup application.

Step 2: Backup iPhone contacts to computer

Click "contacts" on the left bar and all contacts list will show on right window. If you look for a specific contact from someone, just type the name on the search box and it will bring the information in front of your eyes. Then click " Export " to backup the iPhone contacts . You will be asked to slect a save path on your computer. You can rename the backup file and choose a backup path on computer.

Save output files

Just a few seconds, you iPhone contacts will be moved to computer and save on the folder as .vcf file.

Learn more about vcf file

The vcf is a standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business; typically includes a name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other contact information; also supports custom fields, images, and other types of media.
VCF files are often used for importing and exporting contacts from address books. They may be attached to e-mail messages, which provides the recipient with an easy way to import the sender's contact information. Windows Vista users can open vCards using the included Windows Contacts program. Mac OS X users can open vCards with the included Address Book application.
iPod and iPhone users can load vCards directly into the device's Contacts app.
Click here to see more details on how to import vcf file to outlook on Windows.

Now, Restore the vcf file to iPad from computer

We assume that you have saved the contacts from iPhone to computer. Launch the Cucusoft iPhone contacts backup. Then, connect the iPad to computer, Open the software and restore the vcf files to iPad from computer.

Why you need Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS backup
    Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS backup
  • Export contacts from iPhone/iPad/itouch to PC or Outlook.
  • Direct export contacts to Outlook, or export to a file.(.vcf file format).
  • Backup contacts/Edit backup contacts.
  • Direct restore contacts to your iPhone. ( jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad).
  • Export SMS from iPhone/iPod touch to PC.
  • Backup iPhone SMS to PC as .txt, .mht file
  • Backup SMS/Edit backup SMS
  • Direct restore SMS to your iPhone.( jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)

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