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How to fix iTunes 450 errors

" I am using my parents desktop to download music for my iPod touch 16GB. I start the computer and connect the Internet. I can access to iTunes shop with my iTunes account without any hassle. I am trying to get the Lady Gaga album. I get a errors message that is iTunes downloading 450 error. What's this and How can I fix this problem? "

There are all kinds of errors may trouble you when you are using iTunes to buy songs or movies. The errors on iTunes may prevent you from using iTunes to buy items you like. So when we face error message like 450 errors on iTunes. We need solution to fix it and continue to buy music, games, movies on iTunes shop.
Fix iTunes 450 errors

Possible solution to fix iTunes error 450

If you are just a 'user' but not a 'Administrator' for this desktop. You may have this problem when you are using the computer. Sometimes, you are beyond the power to use some of the computer resources. So you can ask your parents for administrator ID. You can restart the computer and access to iTunes store again.

System imcompatible problem. If you are running Windows Vista on the desktop. Some of the users said the same problme when they are using Vista to run iTunes. So, you can try another computer with different Windows System to buy music on iTunes.

Security problem. You can try to shut down the Windows Firewall on Desktop. The Firewall may leading to this iTunes 450 error.

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