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How to edit iPad contacts on computer

Question: How to edit iPad contacts on computer?

Well, I have purchased my iPad for several month and I have about 300 contacts on it. Some of the contacts are duplicate and I don't want to see them on the listing. However, when I open the contacts and I can't find a way to delete them. It seems that the iPad doesn't give me the option to edit. I also would like to sort the contacts on iPad by name. Can someone kindly tell my how to fullfill that. .

Get to know how to manage contacts on iPhone/iPad and iPod touch is useful sometimes. If you feel that your contacts on iPad are mussy and you need to organize it again. Export contacts on computer and edit it offline.

To download iPad contacts to computer, you need program such as iPad to computer contacts transfer.

The iPad contacts manage application allows you export contacts to computer as .csv or .vcf file. So that you can open the file with Microsoft Excel. Once open .csv/.vcf file with Excel. You can see the contacts on computer and it is easily for you to delete the duplicate ones from the sheet. Besides, you can add the contacts to iPad after you editting the contacts well on computer. You can import/export contacts information files in CSV and vCard(.vsf) formats From/to various Address Books, including Outlook Express, Yahoo Address Book, Google Contacts, Thunderbird, Aol Mail, Hotmail, Windows Contacts, Apple Address Book, Fastmail, Rediff Mail, Mail.com, Loposte, Orange, Skype, Freenet.de and other address books to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

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