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HTC Sensation to computer backup

There are all kinds of smart phone on the market. For Apple iPhone, user can have an automatically backup it with iTunes. For RIM BlackBerry user, user can have a manually backup of all content with desktop manager software. And for Nokia user, you can manage Nokia stuff with Nokia PC Suite. And we all know that the HTC smart phone has grown to the bigest smart phone from all over the world.
HTC Sensation backup

Keep the data on HTC Sensation safe is very important. You don't want to spend a whole day to download the apps, movie for your phone again once they are lost. Do you want to export all data including music, contacts, sms, movie, apps, movies, etc to computer. If so we will show all the details to make your exploration easy.

Wondershare MobileGo, which is an all-in-one solution that can bring you a easy way to backup HTC smart phone easily. This application will easily backup your Contacts, SMS, music, movie and APK Applications from Android to your PC in case that your phone is lost or stolen, or whenever you need to change your phone.

Things you need
1. Wondershare MobileGo
2. Windows Based computer

1: Backup HTC Sensation contacts

Start the program and connect the HTC smart phone to computer.

Start MobileGo

Click on the Contacts tab to enter the contact management window as below. Then select the contact(s) first and then click the export button and save it to your PC in vCard format.

Backup HTC ThunderBolt contacts as vCard file

2. Backup HTC Sensation SMS

Just clikc the "SMS " tab the top of the software window. You can save all the SMS file to computer as a printable format.

Backup HTC ThunderBolt SMS to computer

3. Backup HTC Sensation Movie

We know that the HTC Sensation support HD video and you must have a lot of movie on it. Want to save the space on it and export some of the movie that you have already watched. with HTC Sensation to computer backup software. Do it now.l

Backup HTC Sensation movie to computer

4. Backup HTC Sensation Music

Music is a must-have for all HTC user. Don't wait the day you can't add more to HTC. Backup music to computer and refresh you Sensation now.

Backup HTC Sensation Music

5. Backup HTC Sensation Photo

The High pixel Camera allows you take whatever pictures you like. Want to save to computer and edit them or burn to DVD?

Backup photo to computer

So, This all-in-one solution can meet your needs to export your movies, music, contacts, SMS, apps and photos to your computer if in need.